Charles H. Silver

Charles Silver is CEO of and leads the effort to develop the Platform. Charles is a career entrepreneur with 30 years of experience of raising capital and building successful enterprises that focus on finance, technology, and media. He was an early visionary in the dot com era as founder and CEO of which was amongst the first companies to use Big Data to connect individuals to relevant advertisers. The company raised capital in the dot com boom, survived the crash by building a profitable business, and was sold very successfully to the Hearst Corporation. He is also a co-founder and board member of Reality Shares, an innovator in the securities industry with 5 publicly traded ETFs. As an early investor in, he recognized the significance of Data Algebra to the entire software field and has financed the applied math R&D for 7 years. With the growth of the blockchain industry he is leading the effort to allow individuals to take ownership and monetize their data.

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