, formerly Algebraix, is the inventor of Data Algebra

With over 7 years of R&D, invented Data Algebra® and proved its effectiveness in a variety of data management contexts including a new approach to database query optimization that enables:

  • Faster insights
  • Improved multi-user concurrency
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Reduced database administration efforts

Its technology intelligently learns and adapts to a database environment.


We have nine patents platforms are based on our fundamental innovations in a field of applied mathematics: the algebra of data™. As a consequence, has built a portfolio of patents around its technology platform.

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Data Optimization in Practice

The Blockchain Project & Cryptocurrency optimization technology, which has been proven in relational and graphical data contexts with databases, has also proven effective with open source products, Spark and Hadoop, in Big Data environments, accelerating BI and Analytics applications. In fact, Data Algebra, has application in blockchain applications not just for query acceleration but also for file management. Consequently, it will play a major role in Algebraix Data’s blockchain project.

“This project will establish a wholly new and innovative advertising market that, for the first time, will enable individuals to monetize their personal data.”

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