Introducing the Algebraix SAFT

Algebraix is creating a secure, permission-based ad network, fueled by the new ALX cryptocurrency, and powered by the company’s unique, patented Data Algebra® technology.

The SAFT involves the issuance of 30 billion ALX Tokens to accredited investors and comes in advance of the public release of the platform. The token pre-sale follows the SAFT process established by Algebraix’s law firm, Cooley LLP.

Investment Highlights

  • 40 Million invested to date
  • Superior Experienced Management
  • Model based on true Permission marketing where consumers get paid to view ads
  • Deep intellectual property: 9 patents issued, book published
  • Fundamental Mathematics of Data developed over several years
  • Bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream consumers
  • Creating infrastructure for consumers to store and share data securely on the blockchain
  • Technology allows for scalability and inter-blockchain communication
  • Launch with focus on entertainment to create network effect



“Our permission-based advertising market will begin an Internet revolution. It will change the way people perceive data, and who owns it and how it should be used.”

-Robin Bloor, PhD., Chief Strategy Officer

SAFT Whitepapers

Algebraix, the inventor of Data Algebra, has devoted a considerable R&D effort to developing query optimization strategies and techniques and holds a number of patents based on that research effort. This collection of whitepapers describes its approach and will be added to on a regular basis.

The Algebraix Platform

January 2018

Algebraix intends to level the playing field. Algebraix will deliver a platform that enables individuals to conceal their identities and control, by means of smart contracts, exactly who has access to their data and how it can be used.

Download PDF (829KB)

Executive Summary: The Algebraix Platform

January 2018

Algebraix’s blockchain-based platform will enable individuals to be paid ALX tokens to view advertisements, initially from the entertainment sector: movie ads, TV program ads, games ads and music ads.

Download PDF (178KB)

Algebraix Token Sale Economics

January 2018

This document describes the economics of the Algebraix Token (ALX) and various aspects of the Algebraix Platform and Algebraix Network. Updates to this document will be posted on the Algebraix SAFT web page:

Download PDF (1.2MB)


January 2018

The Company intends to offer and sell through SAFTs Rights with respect to, in the aggregate, up to 30 percent of the total Tokens that may ever be offered by the Company in the future, pursuant to the terms of a smart contract or otherwise.

Download PDF (95KB)

Private Placement Memorandum

January 2018

Confidential Private Placement Offering Memorandum
Purchase Rights for Tokens pursuant to Simple Agreement for Future Tokens

Download PDF (351KB)


The SAFT is for the pre-sale of the rights to 30,000,000,000 (30 billion) ALX tokens from a total supply of 100,000,000,000 (100 billion) ALX, which will never be increased.

The Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) is a legal agreement. You can think of it as resembling a forward or futures contract for an amount of ALX tokens: the seller (Algebraix) sells the rights to tokens ahead of their release date to a buyer (you); the seller must then build the network that enables their use and deliver the tokens at the Network Launch. Half the number of ALX tokens purchased by SAFT investors will be delivered to them at the Network launch. The remainder will be delivered on the six-month anniversary of the Network Launch. When buying a SAFT, you own the right to receive tokens of the issuer on a future date subject to any limitations that are detailed in the SAFT itself.

Regulatory compliance is a key focus for Algebraix. We have employed the top attorneys in the industry to advise our process. Our SAFT arrangement goes above and beyond the legal advice we have received in order to comply with all necessary laws and regulations. For accredited investors, our SAFT provides a safe and easy way to participate in our pre-sale.

We have been advised by our lawyers that ICO pre-sales that are carried out before the token’s application is ready are likely to be viewed by the SEC as the unregistered sale of a security. SAFTs eliminate that possibility and limit the pre-sale to that of a futures contract with approved accredited investors in reliance on the safe harbors for private offering exemption.

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