Algebraix Timeline

Algebraix Timeline

January 5

Q1 2018

Mobile App Beta (iOS, Android)

Personal Data

ERC20 Test Net

September 5

Q2 2018

ERC20 Main Net

Mobile Web Support

Incentive Virality via Social

Ad Portal for ALX Influencers

September 5

Q3 2018

Full (Mobile, Desktop) Web Support

Content Rating

Pay to Content Producers

Web of Trust

More Personal Data

ERC20 Main Net

October 5

Q4 2018

Atomic Swap

Integrate Encrypted Chat

Content Producer Rating

Enhanced Reporting & Analytics

Permission Based Targeting

Support for Social, Education Data

January 5

CY 2019

Multiple Language Support

Enterprise Ad Portal

Multiple Currency Support

REST API (External)

Support for eCommerce,Finance, Health Data

ALX Blockchain


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